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let's travel

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Customized. Individualized. Uniquely Yours.

Repose is a luxury travel boutique designed to take care of the most selective of travelers. Let's face it, the world of travel has changed. Now, more than ever, luxury clients are seeking personalized, unique, and vetted travel services. Our clients understand that travel advisors not only provide added value, but are a necessity to secure top-notch accommodations and service in the luxury travel industry.   Repose is there to be your travel advocate from start to finish - not only to take care of every detail, but also to level-up your experience through unforgettable moments during your trip.

Our Services

Luxury Hotels


Commercial + Private Air

Luxury Family Vacations

Wellness Travel

Custom Itineraries

Luxury Cruises

Concierge​ Services

Corporate Travel

what people say

"I work with Tiffany all the time and use her for all my high-end celebrity athlete clients. She is ALWAYS on top of everything and makes each of my client's experience perfect. I will forever use her as she makes my life so much easier and makes all my client happy."

—  Maddie: Turks & Caicos, Cabo San Lucas, Bahamas, and more
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