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Image by Gaddafi Rusli
Tiffany Khalili
Founder of Repose Luxury Travel

In my personal life, I have been fortunate to travel - starting at the young age of 3 - all around the globe. It was a passion that stayed with me and something that I instill in my own young children.


After 17 years as an environmental attorney, countless business trips, and numerous luxury vacations as the "client", I founded Repose Luxury Travel. I wanted to provide others with an unparalleled luxury vacation experience - using my personal experiences as a guide.

My elite industry affiliations and the invitation-only network of Virtuoso allows exclusive access for clients of Repose. 

Our Mission

We have heard too often from clients that finding a travel advisor who truly understands the needs and demands of high profile clients and professionals, such as executives, doctors, lawyers, entertainment agents, or financiers, is hard to come by.  We have been there and we are here to listen. We are not your typical travel advisor and we are not always the right fit for certain clients. We are in the business of relationships.  It is our goal to foster long standing relationships with our select group of clients and experience the joy of travel through their eyes.


Knowing our clients is key to our success and key to crafting luxury experiences unlike no other. We  understand that your time is not a renewable resource. It is our goal to save you both time and energy by expertly curating a luxury vacation that is tailored to you, leaving you refreshed,  renewed, and in awe of the memories you made. 

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