Who We Are


In my personal life, I have been fortunate to travel, starting at the young age of 3, all around the globe. It was a passion that stayed with me and something that I instilled in my own young children.  After 17 years as an environmental attorney, countless business trips, and numerous luxury vacations as the "client", I founded Repose to bring my travel clients an unparalleled luxury vacation experience. 

We all work hard and we should be able to play hard without dealing with unnecessary stress that a poorly planned vacation can bring. I understand that time is money for hardworking professionals and many of us do not have the time nor the energy to scour the internet for that one great deal. 


I have heard too often from my professional colleagues and friends that finding a travel advisor who understands the demands of executives, lawyers, financiers, or anyone in a demanding profession is hard to come by.  That is where I come in.  I am here as an advocate for my clients to ensure that they experience their luxury vacation to the maximum potential.